Soil and Rock Mechanics

The rock mechanics is the theoretical and smears science of mechanical behavior of rock and rock mass, it is that branch of mechanics concerned with the response of rock and rock masses to force field of their physical environment. The subject of engineering rock mechanics, as applied in mining engineering practice. The discipline is closely related to the main streams of classical mechanics and continuum mechanics. The module provides an overview of constitutive modeling in geotechnical engineering. Soils are complex particulate materials whose behavior is highly non-linear and dependent on the stress state of the soil. As a result, simple calculations are insufficient to represent a soil's response to loading, and a more representative analysis (especially where accurate displacements need to be known) is required through developing a constitutive model. This module will discuss the features of constitutive models, compare them to real soil behavior, and apply them to geotechnical structures, using a combination of case studies and applied examples. Unit Aims at to describe and discuss constitutive modelling in comparison with other modeling techniques and to discuss and analysis different constitutive models in order to select the most appropriate model for a given problem .To assess soil data and determine the required parameters for a reasonable constitutive model.


  • Initial and final settlement of soil
  • Identification of soil moisture defects
  • Stress – Strain behavior of soil and rock
  • Mechanical behavior of soils

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