Petroleum Geology

Petroleum geologists are scientists that employment to get new petroleum deposits. Petroleum geologists apply their knowledge on the world, and finds its structures and analyze data to assist in locating and retrieving petroleum. Petroleum Geologists have the skill to read the story told by the very earth beneath our feet so as to seek out petroleum and other oils which are vital resources in our lives. 

Petroleum geology is predominantly alarmed with the valuation of seven key features in sedimentary basins: They are the source, Reservoir, Seal, Trap, Timing, Maturation Migration. Excesses oil migrating in the source will escape to the surface and seep. There are many ways the field of geology bestows are the need for the Petroleum Industry. 


  • Elements of petroleum geology
  • Biological makers in fossil fuel production
  • Geological controls on hydrocarbon distribution
  • Low-permeability oil field development
  • Pressure-sensitive effects

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December 29-29, 2021

11th International Conference on Environment and Climate Change

London, Aland Islands

Petroleum Geology Conference Speakers