Geology and Environmental Sustainability

Geology is about history that deals with solid earth and natural resources. within the past we use to determine the volcanoes and earthquakes, and evolution, the fossil record we see within the rocks we'll analyze the geological time. Geologists are scientists who find most of the world’s natural resources and says the history of the earth. Environmental Sustainability is to preserve natural resources and develop alternate sources while reducing pollution towards the environment. Many of the projects that are entrenched in environmental Sustainability should include replantation of forests, stabilizing wetlands and shielding natural areas from resource harvesting, and thus the main criticism of environmental sustainability is to recruit the significances which can have probabilities with the need of a mounting commercial society. Environmental Sustainability is used to diminish the reduction of natural resources, and to plug the event without causing destruction to the environment. Geological conferences aim to inspire young researchers, geologists, and students.

  • Energy Policy
  • Planetary sciences
  • Natural hazards assessment
  • Climate and global process modeling

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June 07-08, 2021

2rd Global Summit on Earth Science and Climate Change

Prague, Czech Republic

Geology and Environmental Sustainability Conference Speakers